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A Timeless Inspiration

Ever since my childhood imagination discovered Madeleine L’Engles, A Wrinkle In Time, the idea of time travel intrigued me. As I grew older, my interest naturally evolved to more intricate plots like H. G. Wells’ Time Machine…and the timeless love depicted in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlanderadded to my fascination. Whenever a time travel movie released, I was mesmerized by the timeless inspiration. From Back to the Future, Somewhere in Time, The Lake House, and Time Traveler’s Wifeto made-for-TV stories like Two Worlds of Jenny Loganand The Philadelphia Experiment. [If you love time slips, the last two are DVD’s available on Amazon.]

Choosing a favorite hero or heroine across the years had me sifting through myriad books in that genre alone. But when I considered the stories that stayed with me long after I closed the book, the answer stood out like no other. One hero actually had a lasting effect on my life. Nicholas Stafford, Earl of Thornwyck, the extraordinary romantic hero in Jude Deveraux’s A Knight In Shining Armor wins hands down. If you’ve never read the book, you haven’t experienced an incredible romance that transcends time. To tempt your passion consider this: Read more “A Timeless Inspiration”

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Time Slips

Can A Wrinkle in Time Inspire Success?

How a ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Inspired My Writing Career

supernatural mystery writer Casi McLeanMy favorite childhood story was A wrinkle In Time and, after reading that book, for as long as I remember, I’ve loved the idea of supernatural. Not blatant horror stories, vampires, sci-fi aliens, or other worldly fantasy, but the notion of “what if” that entices imagination into believing there’s more than what meets the eye.

My fourth grade teacher nudged the author within me when she read aloud Madeleine L’Engles, A Wrinkle In Time. The enchanting story opened the door to my future. I read every time travel story I could get my hands on and watched every time slip movie. The question niggled at me. If time travel was “a thing” how would the concept likely occur? Read more “Can A Wrinkle in Time Inspire Success?”

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Ghost Stories

The Allure Of Lake Lanier

My Favorite Setting Evolved From The Allure Of Lake Sidney Lanier

I love to talk about the setting of my Lake Lanier Mysteries series. I live on the northern shores and, gazing across the shimmering water, you’d never suspect the lake is filled with secrets, or that it never gives up its dead. The spine-chilling history and spooky lore attached to this man-made vista speaks of a town time forgot. A sleepy rural area with homes, churches, and businesses, still lingers beneath the surface. The eerie lore inspired my series. What better setting to create a story with natural mystery, suspense, and a love that spanned across time?

Read more “The Allure Of Lake Lanier”

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