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The Book That Ignited My Imagination

Maureen Bonatch
Maureen's vivid imagination, and a love of sarcasm, help her craft stories full of fun, magic, mayhem and a touch of mystery.

One of my favorite memories of childhood is reading. First, of my mother reading the Little House on the Prairie novels

to my sister and I before we were old enough to read them ourselves. Then, stealing away to a comfortable couch or chair to read the afternoon away alone. Most of my books were from the library, or from the Scholastic Book club from school. I read countless books. Many have faded to line the walls of my imagination. But if you ask me what the very first book was that made an impression on me, I have an immediate answer. Even if I can’t remember much about the story.

A Lasting Impression on My Imagination

A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle introduced me to the world of fantasy. Who knew the countless adventures that waited? Before that story, I’d read many other books. I had immersed myself in the Sweet Valley High stories, and books and imaginationrelated to Judy Blume’s stories of adolescent struggles, but none ignited my imagination like my first real fantasy book.

Sadly, I can’t remember much of the story by now, or the characters, but I remember the impression the book made. I bought a copy for my girls, along with some of my other favorite first book loves a few years back, but they haven’t read it yet. I suppose it’s because “Mom” recommended it instead of one of their friends. But perhaps now that it’s become a movie, the book will merit the attention of my avid readers.

I almost feel as if I need to read the book again (something I rarely, if ever, do with all the books on my TBR) before I can watch the movie. Although I’m almost afraid to spoil the impression it made on my youthful mind with the critical eyes of an adult author.

Opening the Door to the Extraordinary

Once that doorway to magical worlds was opened, a flood of fantasy and paranormal stories filled with magic flooded my spare time. Granted, I still read a variety of other genres, and I can’t resist a good suspense, thriller or mystery—and especially if it’s sprinkled with a little extraordinary.

Maureen Bonatch booksThese magical stories inspired me to write my own books. I struggled with my first book until I realized what was missing—just a little touch of fantasy. That book is still festering on my computer, perhaps never to see the light of day, but I have other books that followed. (Read more about my book settings here.)

That one wrinkle in time, set my path for a timeless love of magic, mysteries. It provided me with the ability to expand my imagination to consider that there just might be a little more underlying the ordinary world—which I love to find it tucked between the pages of a good book.



What Book Sets Your Imagination on Fire?

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  • Kathryn Knight

    I read A Wrinkle in Time as a child too and I can remember certain scenes scaring me more than my beloved ghost stories! Something about the idea of traveling to an unknown and possibly dangerous place made my pulse pound, but for me, when that happens because of a book, it’s the best feeling ever.

  • Maureen

    Thanks for stopping by Kathryn!

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