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Sorchia Dubois

My First Post–Happy to Meet You

I’m Sorchia Dubois and I write Gothic and paranormal romance and witchy fantasy, as well as the occasional mystery/thriller. I live in the wilds of Missouri with a bunch of cats, a couple of fish, a dog, and a husband. Writing-wise, I’m just finishing up a trilogy about seductive Scottish witches and how a small town fortuneteller wreaks havoc in a haunted castle.

Here’s the Exciting bit!

Not long ago my dear daughter surprised me with some news. Turns out that—though she has avoided this very thing like the plague for quite some time and I assumed her attitude would persist—she is now delighted to inform us she will present us with our first grandchild—a girl—later this year. Even neater, the newbie is due to be released into the world on or near my very own natal day.

So as I was considering the topic for this post, it struck me that very soon I’ll be reading stories to the little nugget and what, I asked myself, is going to be the first book?

I had no trouble choosing a title.

You may not be familiar with it because it isn’t a well-known book. It’s a little paperback fairy story I came across in book fair brochure when I was about ten. The cover caught my eye because I was a sucker for castles.

With much excitement, I waited for the delivery, which took a couple of weeks in those olden days. Even worse, my bus ride home was long and bumpy. I nipped up to my room and ripped off the cellophane as soon as I got home. Spidery letters, printed in a dark green ink whispered “magic” as soon as I cracked open the book.  Each chapter began with an illustration of some bit in the story—ivy, vines, pixies, and goblins. The look of it gave me a deep and abiding appreciation for typography and artwork.

Shadow Castle–A Fairy Tale

Shadow Castle tells the story of a little girl who discovers a hidden Shadow Castleworld in her own forest—a portal to fairyland. She meets a young man in a mysterious castle who tells her tales of a magical family and their long war with the goblins.  Magic in this world is something you can learn, though you need to apply yourself. I was heartened by this news.  Strange creatures peeked from beneath every leaf and mushroom cap and adventures popped from behind every tree. But Shadow Castle world is a dangerous place for the unwise or the unwary and not all the characters come to a good end.

I absolutely wore the book out with reading it and had to tape it together. I read it at the beginning of every summer—like a reward for surviving another school year. When I had children of my own, I read them the story until the book literally fell apart.

From Shadow CastleYears later, at the end of a particularly long and difficult school year (as a teacher) I remembered Shadow Castle. I must have been under some evil spell to have forgotten in the first place. A quick Internet search yielded results and thanks to Amazon I found a brand new copy. As if to welcome me back to Shadow Castle world, the new edition has bonus chapters.

I’ve never totally left the enchantment of Shadow Castle behind since then. While my stories are definitely for grownups,  you’ll find tiny tributes to this magical story hidden inside them. I don’t even know how they get there.

It must be magic.

Shadow Castle will be the first book I read to my granddaughter. I can hardly wait!!

Thanks for indulging me. I’m taking this Grandma thing seriously. If you want to see a list of more books I consider essential, hop over to my blog at Sorchia’s Universe.

Help a Granny out! Tell me one essential book every kid needs to read!

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  • Jennifer Wilck

    Congratulations! So excited for you!

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      Thanks so much, Jennifer. It’s going to be a very exciting time!

  • Alina K. Field

    My daughter’s favorite book was Go Dog Go. When she told me she was pregnant, I whipped out her copy of the book to read to her little tadpole int he womb. She cried! Right now, my grandson’s favorite books is Ten Little Ladybugs.

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      I’ve been digging around looking for copies of my daughter’s old books, but we’ve moved a couple of times and I’m not certain all of them made the trip. I’ll have to ask her what she remembers and get new ones. Thanks, Alina!

  • Constance Bretes

    I don’t know if this would be a required book to read, but I always liked to read Cinderella when I was a little girl. Great post.

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      Cinderella was absolutely a favorite of mine, as well. Even the Disney version. I spent a lot of time trying to convince mice and birds to tidy up my room as a result of that movie. Cinderella is on the list. Thanks, Constance.

  • Laura Strickland

    Shadow Caste was one of my first favorite books also. I, too, purchased it through my school, which was such a poor and tattered place they only had about three dozen books in their “library”. I read Shadow Castle all in one sitting and then bawled my heart out. When my mother, alarmed, asked why, I think I babbled something like, “It’s so BEAUTIFUL!” It’s still a beautiful story about love that waits. The very best kind. Congrats on the coming of another female to your lineage! The universe always provides.

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      Thanks so much, Laura. You are one of the few people I’ve met who remember Shadow Castle. When I red your comment a few months ago on another site about it, I immediately dug out my copy and re-read it. Still good!! I’m taking my responsibility for teaching this new kid very seriously!

  • Kara O'Neal

    Little House and Little Women are a must, but to start, I suggest Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Enjoyed the post and congratulations!

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      Thank you, Kara. Alexander is now on the list!

  • Cat Dubie

    Our granddaughter just turned three, and we noticed her favorite books now are about animals – not fantastical animals, but real ones. But she also loves anything to do with Frozen, or Paw Patrol, [the power of media.] And princesses – all of them: Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel, etc. We started telling her fairytales, the ones we learned when we were kids. When you think of it, most of them are rather gruesome, so it’s always better to get the Disney version. 🙂
    I think most small children enjoy the Dr. Seuss books. And a must have is Good night Moon, a favorite with each of our children when they were small. My favorite story is The Little Prince. I cried when I read it as a kid. Cried again when I read it 30 years later. A beautiful story!

    Congratulations on the coming of your granddaughter. They are such precious gifts.

    Cat Dubie

    1. Sorchia Dubois

      Thanks, Cat! I’ll add these.

  • Alicia Dean

    Thank you for joining us…enjoyed the post!!

  • Sharon Buchbinder

    Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. Being a grandparent is the BEST job in the world. 🙂 My grandson is into super heroes–but my grand niece and nephew are all about National Geographic things–all animals all the time. Oh, with an occasional space shuttle. : )

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