Moonlight Author’s Mystic Mysteries

Moonlight Author's Mystic Mysteries

The Book That Made Me Love Ghosts + Romance

I’m kicking off our next blog series here on Moonlight & Mystery (if you missed our last one, each author discussed fun details about the setting of one of her books; start here with my post on Cape Cod!)  Today we begin a look back at a book from our youth that inspired us in some way—a novel that maybe made us fall in love with reading, drew us to a new genre, sparked our imagination, or inspired us to write our own stories someday.
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Moonlight Author's Mystic Mysteries

Reviews Are Like Chocolate Cake

I read every night, even if it’s late, I’m exhausted, and my eyes are ready to say night night.

If the book doesn’t grab the lapels of my jammies and yank me against the Kindle, I usually have a hard time sticking with a story. For that reason, I read Suspense.

Twists are the bomb. I love being surprised, saying “I did not see that coming!” I absolutely love the game of trying to guess a mystery. Read more “Reviews Are Like Chocolate Cake”

Moonlight Author's Mystic Mysteries

Small Town Charm

Sometimes you fall in love with the setting of a story and can’t let it go. That’s what happened with a series of stories set in the fictional town of Havenport, Rhode Island.

The town was developed for an anthology of stories I was collaborating on with three other writing—Ruth A. Casie, Lita Harris, and Nicole S. Patrick. We wanted an event to serve as a connection for our stories and decided on the closing of a bookstore in a fictional New England seaside town. All our characters would at some point go through the bookstore. This was intended to be the last in our series of Timeless Tales but instead, we fell in love with the town we created and launched the Havenport series.

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Wisconsin setting Authors

Building Romance & Suspense: Taking My Cues From Nature

Crystal Rock, Wisconsin…

Is a purely fictional resort town where my stories take place. The Dragonfly Pointe Inn has been restored, and in the process, it’s discovered that a human trafficking ring has been operating in the area during the years when the inn was abandoned.

Or has the trafficking been going on for much longer?

Although I don’t write the paranormal fantasy romance that several authors in our Moonlight and Mystery group are great at, I do weave a slight element of fantasy through my stories.

Once two lovers kiss at Dragonfly Pointe? Their love is meant to last forever. Read more “Building Romance & Suspense: Taking My Cues From Nature”

Moonlight Author's Mystic Mysteries

How do Writers Measure Productivity?

How do Writers Measure Productivity?

If writers made widgets, there would be a mound of physical products sitting on the counter at the end of the work day.  Judging from the previous day’s tally, we could accurately determine if this happened to be a good day or bad one by the increase or decrease in sheer number.

But how do writers make this determination?

Some people might say it is from the number of words on the page.  But perhaps we have spent most of the day editing a passage, or researching the history of toilet paper rationing during World War II.  Important details like that need to be authentic. Read more “How do Writers Measure Productivity?”


Imaginary Real Places by Alicia Dean

Thank you for visiting our Moonlight and Mystery Blog. I’ve enjoyed reading about the settings my fellow M&M authors use in their fantastic stories, and I hope you have too.

Picking a setting for my books is so much fun. I typically use fictitious towns so that I can have free rein to create places and characters without worrying about offending anyone or misrepresenting law enforcement or other entities. I like to make up names of towns that have a connection or hidden meaning. Such as…

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Ghost Stories

Creating Hotel LaBelle

Ideas for stories, characters, and settings come from a variety of experiences—and not all of them good. After sharing numerous travel horror stories with a writing friend, she said, “You should write a book about this!” Ta-dah!! I drew from these trips to create my fictional Victorian mansion and setting for my Hotel LaBelle Series. Tallulah Thompson, Hotel Inspector and her partner and pug, Franny.

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Ghost Stories

The Allure Of Lake Lanier

My Favorite Setting Evolved From The Allure Of Lake Sidney Lanier

I love to talk about the setting of my Lake Lanier Mysteries series. I live on the northern shores and, gazing across the shimmering water, you’d never suspect the lake is filled with secrets, or that it never gives up its dead. The spine-chilling history and spooky lore attached to this man-made vista speaks of a town time forgot. A sleepy rural area with homes, churches, and businesses, still lingers beneath the surface. The eerie lore inspired my series. What better setting to create a story with natural mystery, suspense, and a love that spanned across time?

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Reasons I Like A Rural Setting

I live in a rural part of Pennsylvania and set most of my stories in and around this area. My love of the versatility of Pennsylvania must be shared, because there are a large number of movies filmed in the state and in my nearby city of Pittsburgh. It’s true that I chose this setting because it’s what I know, but it’s much more than that. It’s what I love. Read more “Reasons I Like A Rural Setting”