Sorchia Dubois

Sorchia DuBois writes magically mysterious Gothic tales of witchy romance, demented spooks, and legendary beasties. Her tales may lure you into the dark enchanted forest at midnight or drag you down stone steps to the forbidding dungeons of a haunted castle, but you won’t find any helpless damsels in distress. Sorchia’s women are adventurous, passionate, and full of fun. They can take care of themselves, thank you very much. Though their intrepid spirits sometimes––okay, almost all the time––get them into trouble, they always have a plan and they absolutely hate being rescued.

Powerful women need powerful men, which makes for a rocky road to romance when two strong personalities first meet. Sorchia weaves burgeoning love with intense mystery and lets the characters sort it out. Filled with thrills and chills and seasoned with dark humor and downright nutty situations, Sorchia DuBois’ stories give Celtic myths and ancient fables a modern twist. Bewitchments and murders, steamy romance and cold-blooded betrayal, supernatural alliances and psychopathic spirits combine for a collection of stories perfect for long winter nights when the cold wind howls and something invisible taps on your window.