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In honor of Greek Style, due to be released if I ever finish it, I’ll compile all the excerpts here! Click on the title for the PDF file. You’ll be prompted to download the file.

I love this series and have loved rereading it preparing for Greek Style. Thank you so much for your encouragement to keep writing about Jill and her Papa, Gus. Dido and Jill have a beautiful relationship. I laughed while I revisited some of their encounters. Dido still isn’t fond of Gus and calls him Shorty to his face. Here’s a blog post about Dido.

Herein lies the problem with series. As I get to know the characters, I either end up hating their guts or falling madly in love with them! I love Dido so much. She is all the Greek women in my life, rolled into one little old lady. I see so much of myself in her. I say this as I glance at my new bald spot shining in the computer screen. Everyone says it’s my imagination…I digress.

And let’s not forget Mark Castro, he is hot and he’s nice and I plan on keeping him that way. My daughter said I’d better not make him out to be a jerk!


The Donut Shop Murder NEW!

The Greeks of Beaubien Street

Princess of Greektown

Christmas in Greektown

A Greektown Wedding

Greek Style (this is a very rough first draft folks.)


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 The Donut Shop Murder


The Greeks of Beaubien Street


The Princess of Greektown

Christmas in Greektown


A Greektown Wedding


Coming soon – Greekstyle

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