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USA Today Bestselling author, Casi McLean, spins suspenseful tales with lovable characters you'll devour...you'll see, hear, and feel the magical eeriness of one fateful night. You'll swear time travel could happen, be mystified by other worldly images, and feel the heat of romantic suspense, but most of all you'll want more.

Review Wars FAQs

* Moonlight And Mystery runs a month-long event for readers, featuring authors who have signed up to be in the event.
This is to make sure readers have as much time as they need to read the books they choose and review author’s books. A long event will cut down on fake reviews posted to get prizes.
* The host will post games along the way and giveaway paperbacks or gift cards.
* The event features 50 authors. Once we reach that number of entries, the event sign-ups will close.
* The main prize will be a $200 Amazon gift card.
* The host will also hold some smaller gift cards giveaways during the month to keep everyone interested. Example: 10’s and $5’s gift cards.
* The host will offer books to be reviewed in groups of 5 or 10 at a time for a specific period of time….then move on to the next 5 or 10. That way we give the readers fewer choices at once instead of having all 50 books blasted in their faces. Hopefully this means more reading books and less cheating, too.
* Every day M-F there will be posts about the events on our M&M Facebook page and our website blog page as well as on Twitter and Instagram.
* we encourage all authors to promote the event to all your social media!
* We would like to have verified purchases on Amazon so all entered books must be on sale for $0.99 or free during the author’s scheduled download time period. [Verified purchases are less likely to be taken down by Amazon.]
* During the event, the host will run up to FIVE parties called Raves. These Raves will be for authors to meet readers in a live Q and A.
* Each party will be on one thread, and authors will be introduced in groups of 5 -10 authors per one party. This is a tried and true method which works great to promote the hosted books and authors.
* The event includes a grand finale, which will be the final event where Reviewers will receive their prizes. All authors are asked to attend this party.
* Participating authors will be required to donate one signed print book for the grand prizes and the authors will be responsible for getting those books to the winners… However we will tell you who your winner is and get the contact info for you. ***[If your book isn’t available in print, we may ask you to give away an Amazon gift card or a digital copy of your book.
* Readers sign up to read and win books. We want readers, not people who just want cash or prizes.
* Reader/reviewer sign-ups will run through July 10th. The event will begin on July 15th.
Author sign-ups are now open but will be closed once we hit 50 sign-ups.

* What Authors get:

* We don’t limit the readers, so you have a huge opportunity to get multiple reviews, hopefully in double digits. [My last event with our host gave me 51 reviews.]
* Your novel will be exposed to tons of new readers!
* Reviews might trickle in long after the event ends.
* Your Amazon rank will get a big boost as your book is downloaded
* Authors will be highlighted on Raves and should receive promo from 49 other authors and our host before and during the event.

* You’ll also have fun, meet new author friends, and get in front of a lot of new readers!

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